Installing Samsung 950 Pro M.2 on Asus X99-E WS

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Installing Samsung 950 Pro M.2 on Asus X99-E WS

Post #1 by Matsglobetrotter » Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:05 pm

Installing a Samsung 512GB 950 Pro M.2 on Asus X99-E WS (not the USB3.1 version)

The problem being that even with the Latest Bios 1302 the Nvme M.2 drive wont be recognized in Bios..

1. Disconnect any SSD or HDD and any DVD drive USB sticks and so forth.
2. In the bios EXIT menu - Load Optimized Defaults.
3. Under Boot Menu. go to CSM menu and set the following
Launch CSM - Enabled
Boot Device Control - UEFI only
Boot from network devices - Ignore
Boot from storage devices - UEFI Driver First
Boot from PCI/PCIE - UEFI Driver First.

3. under Boot menu go to Secure Boot
OS Type - Windows UEFI Mode.
4. Under Key management
- Clear secure boot keys. then load default boot keys.
5. Save changes and Reset computer. Then close down computer
6. Install 950 pro M.2 and DVD drive (unless you intend to install from USB)
7. Plug in USB with Windows 7 (I used 64 bit) install files.
8. start computer.
9. Let it boot from USB or DVD
10. Start Windows install.
11. It will not find any disk to install windows on so will ask for driver.
12. Put in a USB stick with the Nmve Driver. (note you can not use the Samsung executable driver package) u need a real driver with .inf and . sys files only
it might take a few seconds for windows to recognize the new USB. if it does not in one port just move to another o the backpanel of MB.
13. I used the WHQL drivers found on this page https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/co ... dows_7_64/
or the direct link to the driver - https://mega.nz/#!pIVwgQJR!QflHgOo6SPc8 ... DCG-PymgUh
I have also tried and install previously with a Windows/Intel nvme driver and have found no difference in performance between them.

14. with the driver installed see if the installer accept that it can install on the non partitioned non formatted Nmve drive. Then proceed. Alternatively if it does not try to format it with the function on the same screen.
15. continue with installation.
16. process should now be complete. on my machine i see a Windows Boot Manager as one of the drives. I started up the machine and got the expected speed from the 950 Pro M.2
17. Install the latest version of Samsung Magician ver 4.9 as earlier versions cant be used fully with the 950

Meanwhile if at first you see lower speeds around 1600 MB/s on read it is most likely due to the 950 pro M.2 getting too hot and throttle down. Thus either put some chip-coolers on it with some fan blowing towards it.

I get 2200 - 2500 MB/s read and around 1500 write speed on mine.

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